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help you understand how to do several of the tasks you must do to keep your web-site current and up-to-date with good and interest material.

There are several pages (some being added & removed routinely) to show you the logic and the step-by-step of taking care of your dynamic pages.

About our “Setup” pages

Your key to understanding:

Each line item on the drop-down menu above labeled “Setpu”, will have basic information about a particular topic.

With minimal computer skills, most people are able to follow the diagrams, images and instructions, and perform the basic task of maintaining their own dynamic and interactive web-site.

GemLink has developed a suite a tools to be used to dynamically update your web-site.  You do it; and it appears on your web-site.  No waiting or paying someone else; you are in charge.

Below are links to special, more detailed, instructions and help.

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