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Some perspective on what a  “Virtual Office” could mean to you and your company …

Many of the things you and others do on a routine basis, have already switched to the “virtual world” of the Internet, online accounts, email communications and a myriad of other ways to replace “hard-copy” and “face-to-face” activities.  This page is just an overview of what is and what where it is headed.

Our systems in “the Clouds”




“Back Office”

Incoming Checks

Outgoing Checks           


Incoming invoices

Front  Office

With Clients

and Email connecting                             it all !

Most major banks went virtual quite a while ago …

Banks and many other top companies began encouraging people to “go paperless” quite some time ago.  It meant no cost of mailing (printed invoices, envelopes, stamps and involved labor), and simply an email with an attached or include pdf file that you could print if you wanted to.

We are moving in the same direction!  Stop the costs of handling paper; scan it, file it on the server electronically and retrieve a copy to view when you need it.  Want or need a hard copy; just print it.

But … no file cabinets, no hanging file folders, no manilla folders, no file folder labels, NOR any of the labor associated with the process.

Take a look at an example of how banking even offers us additional savings along with service improvements.

Tier-2 support by GemLink:

Few small companies can afford a staff person capable of competently taking care of the myriad of tasks involved with keeping an organization effectively connected and interfaced with all the other “modern day companies” they must do business with.

GemLink’s “Tier-2” support can easily handle that task for you.

Tier-2 relates to setting-up, maintaining, and preparing your company and staff on using things as depicted below in this overview images of routine company tasks.

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