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1. Domain Name registration independence:

We would prefer domain name owners be responsible for their own domain name registration, but find most are not able to maintain proper control and updates that are needed.

We will do what is required for you to get any results you want regarding your domain, but will maintain it properly and timely to avoid service interuptions.

2. Control of Email Administration:

Equally important, a trusted member of your staff should be able to add & change the company’s email accounts.  As time passes, staff comes & goes, but the email content should always remain company property and be protected from loss, destruction or inappropriate use.

We will move quickly to secure your email and train a trusted member(s) of company to handle the all the email tasks.

* time frame to complete is 7 to 10 days and the fee is $35.

This includes one year of domain name registration paid, included in the above fee.  Thereafter the annual fee is $20.

* time frame to complete is 2 to 3 weeks and the fee is $100.

3. An attractive, functional & interactive Web-Site:

In today’s advanced media world, people expect more than a static, years old web site.

Web sites must be useful, intuitive, interactive, and have value … else people will have minimal use for it.

A company should have on-line and downloadable forms with purpose, that makes the viewers experience of value to them in their lives and improves accuracy and process.

Information on your web site should help the viewer to make the decision to contact your company.

* time to complete is 30 to 45 days with fee of $350 to $500.

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