Gary Miller

Getting started …

When connecting to the cloud, just as you begin any task involving your computer, you must determine which computer to use.

So, get the right computer and get ready to go.

What?  Don’t have a different computer for each different type of task?  You mean you don’t have:

Of course you don’t; if you are like most users.

All computer manufactures select an operating system for each model computer or device they manufacture and sell.  In most cases it is either Windows or Mac; but which is not all that important.

The operating system always has a means to have different “Users” and when starting the computer up, you must provide your identification for which user you are.

You could be sharing your computer with:

  1. One or more of your children,
  2. Your spouse,
  3. And even as yourself, you may be sharing between personal, work, and other.

i.e. a different log-in name for each different person or identity using your computer.

So … log-in has a purpose; what is it?  When logged-in, the portion of the computer you login to is just your own section, your own space, and your own programs (exception being system programs).

See next page for an overview.

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