Gary Miller

Hard-drives vary in design, size, amount of data they can hold … fact is they vary in many, many different ways.

But they all store data; data that means something to us, and data that means something to the operating system and how the computer runs.

But because different users have different needs, and must each store their own programs and their own data, the operating system has a means of keeping them separate.

Most important, when different users are created and must login to use the computer … they don’t “smear” their programs all over the computer and into everyone else’s programs and data.

A very important fact that most people are either not aware of or do not understand the implications.

A single view of my hard-drive space allocation; drill-down on “users/glm1937

This is on one user … glm1937 !

If other users could login with my account and do their tasks, this already unbelievably complex space would be “contaminated” with their data and programs as well as what is currently here.

You must have multiple users to permit the system to keep them separated and allocated their own space

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