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Domain email instructions for staff ...

Soon  there will be detailed instructions for what you need to do to control your domain email accounts.  It will be based on Google Apps as that is where I opened all the existing accounts in the past.  If you have domain mail now and have been with GemLink or MagNet for a few years, then that is what you have.

All new accounts will be setup with Google Apps.

Bear with me just a bit as I have always done these tasks for GemLink and Magnet clients.  Controlling your email accounts  is new and will be developed and posted soon.  

Gary Miller

But until then, just for starters, here is a link to a number of really useful tips for making the most of Gmail.

Many of my Tier-2 applications and tools are by Google and certainly the Google Apps tools are most used in the dynamic/interactive web sites.

So … starting with the Gmail is a good idea; I will help you to optimize your work day by optimizing your use of the computer and our “Virtual Office” systems approach.

Click on any  part of the adjacent image to open the page with all this neat help.