Gary Miller

I would like to talk to you, but …

The most precious commodity I have is time.

Much as I would like to personally chat with each and every one of my clients, it is nearly impossible to consider doing that without hiring people, just so I can talk.  That has never made good sense to me.

Nearly all my working (probably could have said “waking” ) hours are consumed by designing and creating applications that are the core of the Link37 business.

Even more of a problem ... five minutes on the phone really means whatever I was deeply engrossed in, has been disrupted.  The five minute conversation may take me another 20 or 30 minutes to get “back into” what I was thinking about and working on.

So ... much as I would like to chat, it is not really possible most of the time when I am working.  The very best communication is by email.

Email, properly configured and used is the digital filing system of the new age.  No more notes in file folders; all incoming email is identified and labeled and can be easily searched by topic, sender, even small detail in the contents of a message can be quickly located.

Mostly I use Google products running on Microsoft operating systems.  Having a solid platform is essential to good time management and over the years I have developed a very workable system ...                   check it out -->

What is great about Email

My master filing and log system!

I keep all client emails ... Forever.

The back-and-forth is kept in threads.

Action/response is accurately dated.

New topic, new thread ...

Easy to retrieve in years later, if needed.

Ambiguity is seldom an issue.

Contact me:

If you must call, the number for my office is 434-218-0261

Most of the time you will be sent to my voice mail, since I can’t program properly with telephone interruptions.

But … leave a message, because the voice mail is attached to an email and immediately is sent to my online, working mailbox.  I will see a small pop-up and an emailed copy of the voice mail will be attached.

Next programing break I will answer.


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