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About this “System Menu” and how to use it.

Because “company level, Systems Administrators” are generally not stand-alone positions, and the person responsible for “systems” usually has many more, every day tasks … the “systems” usually suffer.  Note carefully I have said usually a couple of times!  You may be the exception.

This menu system is intended to make it much easier for any Systems Administrator to perform their required “systems” tasks.

It is a combination of standard pages of information for all GemLink clients, where “best practice” information is being made available, and very specific pages of information for each particular client.

Structure is important for the incredible amount of detail required to keep “the systems” working proper 24/7.  

Under this Admin button are a number of sub-items and all are important.  

But these are used infrequently.  Once viewed and understood, an item is generally left behind, no longer of use.  

The balance of the buttons on the menu are “working” buttons, with sub-items that will be used routinely.  

Of note for these buttons are that they often contain an “instruction” icon …

This “instruction icon” will be a link to information about the menu-item it is located on; click to use it.  Like the Admin sections, these linked instructions may be referred to when needed.  Also like the Admin section, if there are updates a “pop-up” message will alert you to the change.

Occasionally there will be a “pop-up” message on your opening screen, referencing the fact that a change has been made to one of these “old standards” and you should read about it.